Friday, December 31, 2010

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Ashley and I live in a church house in Colorado with my husband and dog and two cats.  And by church house I mean that our house used to be a church.  And this is my story.

The church is still around but they needed a bigger building, which makes sense when you enter our living room and ask yourself, how was this a church?  It is not an enormous space and it has a kitchen and bathroom just like a house.  The giant window in our great room is just like the giant window in the great room of my husband's parents' house, and the vaulted ceiling with its huge beams is just like the ceiling in the house where I grew up.  However, it is also true that when you turn onto New Church Avenue, you know for certain that you are driving toward a church at the end of the block.  Furthermore, when I am home and it is quiet and I look around the place in wonder, I can feel in my gut that this was a house of God.  And still is.